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Point to Success. 

The story of our family business begins in 1991, when physicist Jorma Orkosalo returned from California to Finland and started to manufacture industrial lasers in his garage. Today, Keypoint is an economically stable photonics company that has also developed 4D radars and smart Theralux® laser therapy devices. Our photonics or science of light solutions are designed to help our customers succeed. 
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For 30 years, we have manufactured industrial lasers that help professionals with accurate positioning and alignment. Sawmill operators and surgeons alike benefit from precise laser beams in their work. We have delivered more than 150 000 lasers to our customers.

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We began manufacturing our Theralux® laser therapy devices in 2011. Natural laser therapy is usually offered by healthcare professionals such as masseurs and physiotherapists, and it is suitable for treating acute and chronic ailments in humans and animals.

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As a result of relentless R&D, we present our newest product based on current radar technology and our special photonics expertise: a device to detect peoples and their actions without breaching their privacy and anonymity. 4D radar is an alternative to camera surveillance.

Our quality promise has held for 30 years.

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Industrial lasers, laser therapy devices, and 4D radars are based on photonics, “the science of light”, which is a special field in physics. Our products operate on different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum: lasers are based on either visible light or infrared radiation, whereas 4D radars operate with millimetre waves. Our speciality is to combine photonics and electronics with other technologies.

Keypoint Oy in a nutshell

Finnish photonics company

We are known for our flexibility and exceptional customer service.

Laser Technology since 1991

We have delivered more than 150 000 lasers to our customers.

Steady family business

Founder Jorma Orkosalo. Owned by Orkosalo´s family.

Health Technology since 2011


laser therapy

devices for

animal wellfare.

Delivery reliability 100%

Our work is guided by curiosity, reliability, and expertise.

Radar Technology since 2021

Our R&D work breaks new technological ground with 4D radar.

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