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Point to Success.

A distinct laser line helps drivers reverse their trucks to the loading dock. The help of the laser line speeds up the work, improves workplace safety, and reduces the risk of accidents in autumn and winter when painted road-surface markings are not visible and get buried under the snow. The green laser line is best seen in twilight and dark hours when the sun won´t cover the laser beam. During the day, the laser line is visible only in shadow and cloudy weather. Lasers are also suitable for other loading-related tasks, such as marking lift zones and pallet areas.

Our innovation is a 4D radar for the intelligent control of lasers. Read more! 

Laser guide for loading docks

The laser is easy to install to loading docks and align to the driving direction to mark over 30 meters long line.

4D radar for intelligent control of laser line

4D radar detects the truck reversing on the loading dock and sends the information to the controller in the power supply, which turns on the laser lines

The 4D radar is programmed to react only to vehicles of a specific size from a pre-defined distance.

4D radar is reliable in every weather condition — no need for extra lights like cameras needs.

Detection of the 4D radar is about the electromagnetic radiation of millimeter waves, not thermal radiation, like in traditional motion sensors.

The 4D radar detects up to three loading docks and six line lasers. The twilight sensor is offered as an accessory.

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Ajomestarit Oy

Laser halves the reversing times for lorries

Frequently asked questions

What is the length of the laser line? Is the laser line equally bright throughout? Is the laser beam eye-safe for loading dock workers? Read answers to these and many more questions from our blog.

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