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Point to Success.

Our core message, “point to success”, tells of our desire to help our customers succeed. The only way to achieve this is to have a thriving workforce. Come and succeed with us! Working with us requires a curious attitude, self-initiative and solution-oriented expertise. You can leave an open job application with us. We also offer internships.

Thank you for getting is touch!

Meet our team

Technician Riitta Roivainen, Keypoint
Technician Riitta Roivainen

”I’ve been with Keypoint since 2002. Assembly of lasers and radars requires dextrous fingers, meticulousness, and common sense, also known as the ability to adapt to different circumstances. Your mind needs to be focused on agreed quality processes, because everything affects the quality of the end product. Parts need to be absolutely clean, without even a speck of dust. The best feedback is a satisfied customer with a working solution for their problem, and on time.”

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