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Point to Success.

Lasers are essential for many machines and devices that enable professionals from different fields to perform their work precisely and efficiently. Laser beam with constant intensity power distribution is the key to speeding up work by minimising mistakes and thus improving productivity. A sawmill operator’s enhanced production and profitability comes from better yield aided by positioning lasers, whereas a surgeon uses lasers to project patterns to help maintain focus during challenging operations. Each sector has its own unique needs and requirements that our customisable industrial lasers aim to fulfil.
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Marko Tamminiemi, sawmill

Tamminiemen Saha & Höylä Oy

Sawmill operator’s eyesight accuracy challenged by laser – productivity up by 10 per cent

Custom-built laser for your application

Our customers can choose from our extensive existing selection of industrial lasers, or ask for a quote for an OEM laser. Our lasers are highly customisable due to their modularity. Choose the appropriate options for your application and circumstances. Our experts can help you with either customising your laser or designing a completely new laser solution just for you.

For extreme operating circumstances

Dust, moisture, vibrations, heat, cold, and flying debris, set demanding conditions for lasers. We produce lasers for suitable ingress protection.

For first-rate machines and devices

A quality device is the sum of its parts. We follow quality standards and both national and international directives and requirements in our production. 

For efficient and accurate

An uniform and bright laser beam designates its target with precision. We design our lasers to be as bright as possible with safety ratings in mind.

Our lasers are safe to use and can withstand even the extreme conditions of the north.

Our laser products

Lasers for alignment and positioning
Lasers for alignment and positioning

The laser is an accurate visual guide for machines and devices whose extreme lighting and operating conditions set strict requirements.

Lasers with DOE optics
Lasers with
DOE optics

DOE lenses have numerous patterns that can be utilised in a variety of health technology and 3D imaging solutions, for example.

Laser guide for loading docks
Laser guide for loading docks

 An uniform and bright laser line that clearly stands out from the ground helps the truck driver to navigate safely when reversing into the loading dock. 

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